Can CompSci Get Out of the Way of LifeSci?

Dave Payne March 27, 2017 blog, lifesci, compsci, parallel computing

Ninety. Years.  

That’s the new estimated life expectancy in some countries. New research published in The Lancet estimates by 2030 we’ll see life expectancies hit 90 in many countries around the...

Metadata Makes All The Difference

Dave Payne March 07, 2017 blog

Creating a distributed, scale-out file-system is a challenging task. You need to scale read/write I/O as well as metadata I/O, while still preserving consistency of the entire file-system. Scaling...

The Shift to Cloud, Archimedes, and Twark Main

Allon Cohen February 21, 2017 blog

Since you are reading this blog you have probably heard of the shift to cloud, and everybody has heard of Archimedes, so I will start with Twark Main.

Stateful Containers: Paradox or Paradise?

Allon Cohen January 19, 2017 blog, stateful containers, containers

Achilles and the Tortoise have just completed the cooperative mode of Portal 2 on the PlayStation 3 in the company’s recreation room (yes, PlayStation 3, this is an ancient parable after all)....

Why File? Why Not?: Analyzing Storage Architectures

Shahar Frank November 07, 2016 blog

In prior blogs, we’ve discussed both our vision for the hybrid cloud and the data-centric approach required to achieve that vision. In our view (and we’re not alone in this view), it’s clear that...

A Data-Centric Approach to Data Mobility

Shahar Frank October 24, 2016 blog

This sounds obvious and simple, but shouldn’t the critical requirements of data mobility across sites, private clouds, and the hybrid cloud be delivered with a true data-centric approach? Yet the...

Flexible, Software-Defined Deployment and Management

Jerome McFarland August 16, 2016 blog

In a perfect world, storage would be invisible. Deploying and managing storage is just a means to an end.  It’s no one’s idea of a good time.  All we really want is a painless path to achieving...

Building the Next Great Enterprise IT Solution

Amir Aharoni August 08, 2016 blog

We just recently announced that we are building Elastifile’s global sales and marketing engine under the leadership of Dan Beal and Andy Fenselau. This moment is about much more than expanding our...

The Recipe for Next-Generation Data Services

Jerome McFarland July 01, 2016 blog

"640K ought to be enough for anybody."

Going Up?

Allon Cohen January 05, 2016 3D, blog

Take too many red-eye flights and you begin to notice the recurring structure of many of the world’s larger metropolitan areas. Yes, cities are differentiated by intricate cultural divergences,...