Building the Next Great Enterprise IT Solution

Amir Aharoni August 08, 2016 blog

We just recently announced that we are building Elastifile’s global sales and marketing engine under the leadership of Dan Beal and Andy Fenselau. This moment is about much more than expanding our leadership team. For Elastifile, this transition is profound-- after three years of incredible engineering focus on building the next great enterprise storage and hybrid cloud technology, we are now engaging customers and partners to begin their transformation. As founder and CEO, I’d like to share the intent and values we bring to this next step.

Our mission is to empower customers with truly elastic data services so that infrastructure and workflows are unified across private, public, and hybrid clouds. Over the past decade, VMware, Amazon, and others have led such transformations with their innovative private cloud and public cloud solutions.  Now we want to help bring them all together to provide a unified data environment with seamless workflows. Our core value in all of this is Customer Success- partnering with you and delivering on our promises for both product and business impact. This means total commitment, passion, and an openness to learning and innovating together.

For Elastifile, Sales and Marketing are essential to the real work of engaging and partnering with you to make all this happen. Dan and Andy have done this successfully and repeatedly at CleverSafe, Oracle, EMC XtremIO, Delphix, and more. They are building the team and the culture for this essential customer partnership in learning, innovating, and succeeding together, with straight talk, clear vision, and execution. It will be a fun journey together.

I am humbled and thrilled as Elastifile moves forward into this next phase, and I’m looking forward to partnering with you in your hybrid cloud transformation.