Flexible, Software-Defined Deployment and Management

Jerome McFarland August 16, 2016 blog

In a perfect world, storage would be invisible. Deploying and managing storage is just a means to an end.  It’s no one’s idea of a good time.  All we really want is a painless path to achieving seamless, on-demand, efficient, universal data access.  Unfortunately, today’s reality is far from this simple, yet powerful, dream.  Out of necessity, we’ve deployed complicated, difficult-to-manage islands and lakes of storage. At last, software-defined storage and hybrid cloud data services are now providing a new option.

As we’ve discussed in prior blogs, technology innovation…from flash storage to virtualization to cloud computing…has created opportunities to achieve never-before-seen levels of business performance, efficiency, and scale.

But storage remains a key impediment to achieving the strategic vision of efficient, agile, seamless business operations.

So what needs to change?

We need storage infrastructure to evolve. Storage deployments must be flexible, easy to manage, and deliver a consistently high quality of service. These combined attributes are a key ingredient in the recipe for next-generation data services.  Fortunately, the emergence of software-defined solutions represents the first step in long-overdue storage evolution.

Only via a software-defined architecture, can we:

  • Unify storage across environments, locations, and data types.
  • Consolidate workloads and eliminate reliance on fragmented, proprietary hardware solutions.
  • Scale out (or in) on-demand to support dynamic business requirements.
  • Effectively leverage heterogeneous servers and storage, with appropriate tiering.
  • Govern access and quality-of-service via policy-driven automation.

By leveraging software-defined solutions, IT infrastructure can now provide the efficiency and agility that modern businesses require.  Moving forward, these solutions will deliver new and improved features and functionality…enabling deeper levels of business process optimization and integration.

At Elastifile, we see the transition to software-defined architectures as a transformative stage in the (r)evolution of IT infrastructure.  The potential is enormous.  And we fully intend to convert that potential into reality…the right way…by designing from scratch to achieve cloud scale with seamless hybrid cloud integration and control.

More to follow…